Food and Mental Illness


So funny huh? Y’know in FB they spread they news about those who take photo of the food before eating and Instag ’em, or FB or whatever the social pages named as… they have mental illness…….?


And well they keep sharing regardless they agree or not with the statement.

One of my friends said…

M: Takpe, tak salah nak tunjuk nikmat Allah bagi kat kita…

Homaiiii…. okay firstly the statement does blow me up. Why do you have to show off? It is nothing extravagant or exotic? It is not like you eat the still-alive-octopus (that one I would be impressed enough). Pizza je pon sayang oiii…

Why do I have to say this one is because… you don’t really think of Muslims being oppressed all around the world right? Not you la… those who show off their food in FB or Instag or whatsoever.

They can’t even get a slice of the loaf.

They don’t have proper food for their health.

And for me this is not mental illness. This is the syndrome of showing everything you have to the world. Attention deficiency?


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