Soaked Deeply Into The Reality


Now I know what is the problem that puts ‘the wall’ between me and them.

It is the Fiqh of Reality. They call it Fiqh al-Waqi’.

She said to me there’s no purpose of talking to me about all those things about democracy because I reject the fiqh al-waqi’.

Tell you what… Rasulullah saw had never teach us to judge anything based on al-Quran and Sunnah. And now you’re bragging about fiqh al-waqi’?

And you know what? The reality (waqi’) today isn’t even true, it is not the one that Allah tells us to work and strive for. Democracy isn’t even from Allah.

The reality today is no system from Islam implemented, and we can’t use any other method to establish Caliphate except from what Rasulullah had left us with. Just like how he taught us how to perform our obligatory prayer, he did teach us on how to establish Khilafah.

None of the methods other than his thariqah which is from wahyu Allah has been proven to establish Caliphate. Look at Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia… yeah the Islamic Party wins the election in the democracy but do you witness implementation of Islam in any of these countries perfectly?

Say what, people need to be cultured with the understanding of Islam before we can implement Islam?

Who do you carry out the shariah for? For Allah or for the people?

That is why public opinion is really important in establishing a Caliphate. We first tell the people about Islam starting from akidah, we tell them about the system carried out in Islam, we tell them that Islam is practically perfect, we show them the proves in the past age during the age of the Islamic Caliphate. That way people will fully understand Islam.

If you want to establish Caliphate within democracy, then you’ll never get the chance to erase the national border. You’ll be remained as Malaysian, they will remain as Syrian, Egyptian, Russian, British, American, Japanese, Korean, Indian and so many other nations created by the kufr.

If you establish Caliphate by using the thariqah of Rasulullah, you’ll find there’s no differences between us, Malaysian and Egyptian, British, Russian… our bond is only aqeedah Islamiyah.

Democracy will never establish Caliphate.


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