Dah Tua Dah…


Adik calls while I am really busy thinking about the problems. Exams… dakwah… (again I feel like crying when it comes to the problem of dakwah)

Lepas tu masalah tiket flight pulak…

And I realize… aku dah tua dah. Sebab tu banyak masalah yang merunsingkan macam ni.

Nope. Lame.

It is not because I am old. I am not even 21 yet.

Bukan. It is because Allah gives me the tests. He sends me the people who would be the factor of my strength. Of course I should be strong for the sake of Allah. But He sends me those people so that I’ll only depend on Him.

People say that I am independent. At the end of the chronology, it turns out to be that I am really depending on Allah.



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