Anti-Histamine Is Not Here


The sorrow goes away already, there come laughter and joy of cooking, set the sad emotion far.

Oh cooking really helps, i can call it therapy.

But my nose is really suffering from the common cold. I have been ‘srot sret’ since hours ago and I think I need medicine to stop this ‘srot sret’ and get me to a very deep sleep.

I need anti histamine, which I thought to be in the bakul. Unfortunately (tu la lain kali ubat jgn buang) I did, throw it away when I was tidying up the room last month. It is not I only cleaning once in a month, I think I threw it last month.

So anti histamine isn’t here anymore. Only administered Panadol to prevent high temperature.

So for those people out there getting common cold and suffering nasal blockage and mucus, you can take anti histamine. But it can cause drowsiness so you’ll have to sleep for a very long time after taking it. Sleeping is heaven, right?



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